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You can get all the Conan Doyle's London Elegance.

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SINGLE MADE JUST FOR YOU: Once you order it, we'll put us in contact with you to ensure you give us the correct and accurate measures, so that we can do the perfect corset for you and your unique body.
This clasic and elegant Underbust Corset, is made with high quality tweed. It has a cut over the hip, which accentuates even more the female curves in the well known nineteenth-century-figure named after "hourglass". Also, it's adorned with two false tiny pockets. It's a cute corset, inspired in Conan Doyle's Character.
It is made with four layers of fabric, fully armed with steel spiral bones. The front and back of the corset have flat bones, which will reduce and constraint even more. The bones are coated with gross grain to give more durability and make it comfortable. It has also a waist reduction tape inside and a steel boned Modesty Panel or back panel. And, of course, satin interlining.
For any other modification, (for example, if you want it without busk) other colour or materials that are not listed in the tabs, do not hesitate to contact and ask us.
(The tweed pattern cand be changed, we'll inform you of any options if the pattern is not adjusted to the pic)
All our corsets are of the highest quality and are made one by one just for you. They have steel spiral bones, a boned back panel and reductive belt around the waist. We use materials, patterns and techniques of the highest category, so you get a perfect figure guaranteed by and with your corset.

  • Manufacture Handmade
  • Bones steel bones
  • Back Modesty Panel Boned
  • Front Modesty Panel Reinforced
  • Steel bone Protected with a strong tape
  • Lining made of satin
  • Layers of fabric Four/Five
  • Waist reduction tape to shape you perfectly
  • Corte especial "Reloj de Arena"