Jacqueline Pingarrón was born into a family of tailors. Surrounded by offcuts and threads, from a young age she drew and designed her own clothes. As soon as she was old enough to use a set square she was enrolled in garment making classes using the “Método Caballero” system; she would spend five years learning pattern making and tailoring. She combined these studies with her high school education and went on to obtain a Bsc in Geological Sciences from Madrid’s Universidad Complutense. For a number of years she devoted herself to academia whilst designing and making clothes for herself and for friends.

In October 2009 she decided to create her own line of clothing in response to a need for garments inspired by the underground scenes but manufactured with high quality, taste and elegance whilst prioritising exquisite customer care; thus creating exclusive made to measure items, in stark contrast with serial production line trends.

Inspired by the alternative urban tendencies, fruit of an eclectic musical and cultural taste, Jacq the Rimmer draws inspiration from Deathrock, Psychobilly, Punk, Rock’n’RollBurlesqueFetishNeo-Victoriano, among many other scenes, providing the brand with a very unique style. The reduction corset is the brand’s flagship garment.  

Jacqueline Pingarrón is currently a coordinator for Madrid Gothic Week’s “Plataforma G” and “SGM Science”. Her brand was showcased in the 2010, 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2016 editions of Madrid Gothic Week’s fashion show with the following collections: "Halloween", "Cabaret Syndrome", "La Aristocracia del Lumpen" (Lumpen Aristocracy), "Sewing Circle" and "Esoterismo en la Moda" (Esotericism in Fashion) having obtained excellent reviews from the public and the media.

These reviews of her work led to an offer from Madrid’s Museo del Romanticismo (Romanticism Museum) to carry out a workshop on 19th Century fashion in February and March 2012. The workshop was a great success and the exclusively designed dress “Eugenia de Montijo” would remain on show during March and April of that year in the museum.

En otoño del 2012, realiza el estilismo del taller "Los Secretos de mi museo" para el Museo del Prado junto con la artista Angélica Dass.

In April and May of 2013, in collaboration with the Museo del Romanticismo, she carried out a workshop entitled “Fotografía Vintage” (Vintage Photography), bringing together the customs and fashions of the 19th Century with the beginnings and development of photography; she also loaned a number of garments to the Museum for photographic sessions.

In the winter of 2014 Jacqueline carried out the styling for three fauns for Museo del Prado’s "Naturalia" workshop and the styling of two muses for Madrid’s Museo de Ciencias Naturales (Natural Sciences Museum) "Artificialia" workshop.

In winter 2015 Jacqueline carried out the styling for the workshop on Amelia Bloomer for Museo del Romanticismo, Madrid.

In March 2015, Jacq the Rimmel put together a presentation on Gothic outfits for the Gothic Subcultural Seminar by Catedra Europaenla, Universidad del Norte (Colombia).

In the summer of 2015, Jacq the Rimmel opened a new studio in Madrid and expanded by opening a new studio and a workshop in Tarragona. The brand also expanded to a number of new points of sale in Barcelona, Madrid, Burgos, Valladolid... If you’re interested in becoming a new point of sale or distributor, or you would like an appointment in our studio in Madrid or Tarragona, please contact us at info@jacqtherimmel.com, or on 693 51 61 67.